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Amanleek’s Complete Guide on Car Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance protects against the dangers of numerous accidents that a vehicle may

face, such as collision, burglary, theft, and fire.

It compensates automobile owners who have obtained comprehensive insurance for accidents by

repairing or paying the market value of the car in the event of a total loss (an accident that cannot be repaired).

In Egypt, it is also referred to as extra motor insurance to distinguish it from compulsory auto ,

which is necessary for obtaining or renewing a driver’s license and is a liability

The main idea of insurance is that an individual obtains insurance coverage in exchange for a yearly premium paid to an insurance company.

Car insurance has the following advantages:

One of the most significant benefits of comprehensive automobile insurance is the piece of mind that

comes with purchasing an insurance policy from a reputable business.
It provides a sense of security and assurance that the purchased will be available in the event of an accident.

It is worth noting that without insurance, bearing the costs of repairs out of your own pocket given the

market prices of spare parts, etc… – can end up being twice the price of your car insurance premium in

accidents that can be relatively simple, so imagine the case of a major accident and you end up having to

pay its expenses out of your own savings.

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Using the Amanleek

What makes Amanleek the best location to buy auto insurance?

  1.  Get fast access to several deals online in less than a minute.
  2.  Learn about the details of the deals and compare them to choose the best one.
  3.  Find the best deals and save money on vehicle insurance by comparing quotes from multiple companies.
  4.  Assist in the inspection and issuance procedures to receive the policy as quickly as possible (usually the same day).
  5. Additional customer care from Amanleek to assist you in using the policy

The distinction between comprehensive and mandatory auto insurance is as follows:

Before delving into the specifics of comprehensive auto insurance coverage, it is vital to distinguish it

from the mandatory insurance required during the car licensing process.

Compulsory insurance: Is used to cover death or disability claims caused by car accidents in Egypt, up to a

maximum of 40,000 Egyptian pounds.

Except for vehicle damage, it also covers damages connected to the property of others up to a limit of

10,000 Egyptian pounds. The primary coverage of supplementary (all-inclusive) vehicle insurance is:

The automobile sustained damage or loss as a result of:

  • A automobile crash, an accident, or a rollover
  • Thunderbolt, fire, external explosion, or self-ignition
  • Vandalism is an intentional act.
  • Lifting or unloading during transit

Cases of burglary, theft, and any resulting damage

How vehicle insurance rates are determined:

Car insurance costs range from one company to the next, and it is possible that within the same

company, the insurer will offer multiple programs with different features to satisfy the demands of different consumers.

And the annual payment is calculated as a percentage of the car’s market value if it is used,

or the purchase price if it is new.

The relativity principle: It is the possibility of insuring a fraction of the entire automotive value in

exchange for proportional compensation in the event of a claim.

For example, in the case of a car loan, insurance on the value of the remaining amount owed to the bank

– so that if the loan is repaid –

Important considerations while comparing auto insurance policies:

When it comes time to get an insurance policy, it is crucial to be aware of these elements so that you can

compare different programs not just based on price, but also on the features supplied inside the policy.


It is a fraction of the cost of repairs / compensation that the customer pays – the concept of co-payment

that allows you to share with the insurance company in paying the compensation, making you more

cautious to avoid risks or damage to your car.

In contrast to not incurring any expenses in the case of a 0% co-payment, the insurance company bears

100% of the risk.

The lower the insurance premium is meant to be, the larger the co-payment.)

In addition, some policies have a fixed co-payment that is paid as a set sum for each claim filed.

Repair within the authorized agency has a higher co-payment rate in most plans, although it can be removed if the consumer requests it, but at a greater cost.

2.Network of Insurance Company Car Service Centers:

Each company has a list of service locations that specialize in car repair for various brands.

In the event of a claim, it is always preferable to choose centers within the network for repair because it

allows for direct settlement with the exception of the co-payment.

That is, the expense is paid directly to the maintenance center by the insurance company, rather than

from your own cash/savings.

3.According to the police report:

You must give the police report to prove the collision in order to get compensation from vehicle in companies.

However, if the compensation is less than a particular amount (for example, repair compensation less

than ten thousand pounds), you may not be required to give the police report.

If you need to utilize insurance to correct minor accidents, the value of compensation accepted without

the requirement for a police report is a nice advantage.

It is expected that its value would not exceed the policy’s specified limit. So, which of the following will save you time and effort in completing the police report?

4.Additional features include:

Insurance firms provide programs with a variety of extra features, such as:

  • Services for roadside assistance (If applicable, towing, battery, and fuel supply)
  • Providing a replacement automobile
  • Additional coverage to protect the driver and passengers against disability and death as a result of an accident.

Additional features may include items that are not required for everyone, increasing the cost of the policy. However, when presented with a problem, you may find them useful, such as roadside assistance or a new car.

How to Write an Auto Insurance Policy:

A date for the car inspection is scheduled by an insurance company representative after you have decided

on the best policy for you and know the price.

During the examination, the vehicle’s condition is validated, and any existing damages are excluded from coverage.

However, in the case of a brand new car, some companies require inspection while others accept the

dealer purchase letter to issue the policy without inspection.

Once the stage is completed, the payment is completed and the policy is received immediately or

delivered to the customer via courier service.

How to Use Automobile Insurance:

When an automobile is damaged in an accident, the following actions are taken to collect

compensation from the contracted insurance company:

Notifying the insurance provider of the collision as soon as you can (verify your driver’s license is current)
Providing all relevant legal information and papers (such as the police report if the damages were greater

than the amount specified in the policy requiring the report’s existence) in connection with the accident.
Obtain a repair estimate from the shop where you want your car fixed and give it to the insurance

provider to estimate the value of the damages and the cost of the repairs.

Car repairs and submitting invoices to the insurance provider to get paid

Basic prerequisites for receiving compensation approval:

  1. The collision wasn’t caused by alcohol or drugs, either.
  2. Using the car in the race did not cause the collision.
  3. The vehicle was being operated by an unlicensed person when the accident happened.
  4. not breaking any traffic laws at the time of the collision, including driving against the flow
  5. having a current driver’s license

Exceptions that are not covered by insurance (some may be added with the purchase of an additional premium):

  • Damage caused by terrorist attacks, wars, riots, and other disruptive events
  • natural catastrophes like floods, hurricanes, and others.
  • Taking something by force or with the help of civil authorities By viewing all of the offers and selecting the

most appropriate one, you can easily and quickly obtain auto insurance through Amanleek.

If you need assistance making a decision or understanding the specifics, our experts can assist you in locating the best policy for your requirements.

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