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4 warnings to watch out for when using the “Chat GPT” chatbot

The chatbot became the ChatGPT developed by OpenAI – a non-profit AI research organization launched

in November 2022 – the key attraction in technology at the current time, where users find new ways to

hire an AI product for all kinds of tasks.

At the same time, competing products from Google are also in the works, and in addition each major

technology company looks to integrate the chatbot “Chat GBT” or issue a similar AI software.

In this context, the US billionaire CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, raised some concerns in the field of artificial

intelligence, saying that left-wing programmers could use it to “lie” and “comment on some things but not others.”

In a connected context, some see that while AI can react and respond to certain situations faster, human

perspective and experience in the real world must ultimately be the decisive factor, i.e. AI must be used in addition to the human brain side by side.

In contrast, some considered that concerns about artificial intelligence were being amplified, arguing that

there were a lot of concerns raised and said by people when the Internet came up and then in the

ascendant phase of the Internet.

In turn, experts specializing in AI technologies have stressed the need to pay attention to four things

when using the original Chat GBT robot or any similar AI product, which are as follows:

Do not share your personal data with Chat GBT:

OpenAI consumes all the data that can be used to train ChatGBT. CHAT GBT will also use data entered

into chats, so make no mistake in including personal details in the conversation. It’s all saved, and the privacy of Chat GBT isn’t great right now.

Italy and Canada were the first countries to investigate Chat GBT on privacy issues. Samsung discovered

how bad the privacy of Chat GBT was, after some of its employees shared highly sensitive information in the program’s conversations, according to BGR.

Do not install unreliable Chat GBT apps:

CHAT GBT is very advanced, but hackers do not need artificial intelligence to target people with malware

they created without the help of CHAT GBT.

Various reports have spoken of attacks on Chat GBT-based malware that occur significantly, with users

believing they are installing original apps and plugins on their computers, but getting fake Chat GBT apps

full of malware that will steal their data.

CHAT GBT Source Request:

When talking about checking things out, you should always be sure to ask Chat GBT to provide sources

for what it offers with full engagements. In this way, the accuracy of what the chatbot tells you can be

ascertained. As incredibly intelligent as AI may be, it is still unreliable.

Since Open AI fed Chat GBT with a lot of data to train this model, the chatbot remembers everything.

Includes materials that may be protected by copyright. But in the eyes of Chat GBT, it won’t matter. The

robot may offer content from protected works word by word. This may therefore lead to copyright infringement.

Besides, the carefully designed policy of handling AI technologies will be able to enhance their

development while keeping negative impacts under control, as well as steering AI to the right track of the

aspect that benefits development.

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