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Hyundai Ionic car prices 6 cheaper than Ionic 5 Model 2023

Hyundai recently announced Hyundai Ionic 6 Electric Model 2023 prices and appeared to be cheaper than

the Ionic 5 despite its reliance on the same platform.

Hyundai Ionic car prices 6

Although the number (6) in the name of Ionic 6 may indicate that it is more expensive than Ionic 5, it is

actually cheaper, with Hyundai officially launching its new electric car in the United States with a starting

price of $42,715 and up to $57,215, slightly lower than Ionic 5.

The 2023 Hyundai Ionic 6 SE Standard Range model is available with a smaller 53 kWh battery.

This model comes with a single electric motor that generates 149 horsepower, and an approximately 386 km range, all at $42,715.

Then we have a Hyundai Ionic 6 SE RWD Long Range with the most extended traffic range between the lineup

, which reaches approximately 580 km.

This version is available with 18-inch strips, an electric engine generating 225 horsepower, and a 77.4 kWh battery.

The Ionic 6 SEL comes with more options than 20 “ribbons, with a range of approximately 490 km, and sells for $48,815.

Then we have Hyundai Ionic 6 Limted at $53,715 with 20-inch strips and approximately 490km range.

If you want extra power, you can get an all-wheel drive that draws power from two 320-horsepower

engines in the SEL or SE model for an additional $3,500.

Also, keep in mind that the choice of total wheel propulsion (AWD) in the SE model reduces the traffic

range to 508km, while the addition of total propulsion configuration (AWD) in the LTD or SEL model

reduces the traffic range to approximately 434km.

Hyundai will reportedly begin rolling out the Ionic 6 2023 to U.S. exhibitions by next spring, but the

The standard Range version will be slightly delayed until the summer

We have reviewed under this report the cheapest Hyundai Ionic 6 car prices from Ionic 5 Model 2023

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