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Tesla opens 7500 charging points for electric vehicles by 2024

administration unveiled

The Biden administration unveiled new initiatives in its $7.5 billion plan to install 500,000 electric chargers

on U.S. roads by 2030, as part of which it announced that Tesla had committed to opening 7,500 of its

charging stations to vehicles other than Tesla by the end of 2024, according to the Engadget report.

In 2021, Tesla announced that the Supercharger program is open to access currently being piloted in 16 European

countries) and will come to the United States, and the White House has revealed details of the plan.

Of the 7,500 chargers available for all compatible EVs, 3,500 will be new and current 250 kW chargers

along highway lanes, and the rest will be level 2 destination charging stations

. (22 kW maximum) in hotels, restaurants, and other urban and rural locations.

Officials said that Tesla would also strengthen its US Super Charger network by 300%.

In order to benefit from $7.5 billion in funding, companies must adopt the US standard charging system

(CCS), offering smartphone-friendly payment options.

Transport Minister

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said: “Regardless of the electric vehicle you drive, we want to make

sure you will be able to deliver, know the price you will pay, and collect in a predictable and user-friendly

experience and Tesla is currently using special chargers but has committed to adding the CCS standard as well.

To achieve its charger goal, the Department has received commitments from electric vehicle

manufacturers such as GM and Ford, along with ChargePoint and another electric vehicle charger

manufacturers and these will add more than 100,000 public chargers available for all EVs.

for example

For example, GM has already committed to installing up to 40000 level 2 stations across the United States

and Canada as part of its Ultium Charge 360 network, and will also install a coast-to-coast network with

power 2000 a 350 kW fast charger along American routes in partnership with Pilot and EVgo.

Meanwhile, Ford plans to install continuous current fast chargers at 1920 agencies by January 2024, and

Hertz also plans to install thousands of BP pulse chargers in American cities for Hertz customers and the general public.

Early last year, the White House unveiled the charging infrastructure plan as part of the National Electric

The vehicle infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI) worth $7.5 billion, is driven by a comprehensive plan

to convert half of new U.S. car sales to zero emissions by 2030, and there are now more than 130,000

public chargers serving more than three million electric vehicles on the road now, still insufficient as

critics have said the first batch of NEVI funds will be delivered to the states in the coming weeks.

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