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Why not most car companies use stainless steel?

Why not most car companies use stainless steel?

Do you know why most car companies don’t use stainless steel? Well, let me tell you a short story that shows you why in short.

Tesla Cybertrack truck debuted in 2019 with a crazy design that made pre-orders on it touches the sky, yet the company has long delayed delivering trucks to consumers, but we may see some Cyber Track trucks shipped to consumers later this year according to some reports.

However, Tesla President Elon Musk told investors not to expect huge production of the Cyber Track until 2024, and said that one of the reasons for this delay was the stainless steel material.

Although stainless steel looks great and futuristic – the Cyber Track truck looks like a car from a 2077 Cyber Bank toy, it’s not the best material in the automotive industry, according to a report from The New York Times.

there are many reasons

There are many reasons why most automotive companies do not use stainless steel in their vehicle manufacturing.

Stainless steel is more expensive than the steel used in most cars because it contains chromium and other components such as nickel and molybdenum, which are high-demand materials.

Stainless steel also tends to return to its original shape, and therefore cannot be used in some parts of the car easily compared to normal steel which is more flexible and used by most automakers, and stainless steel requires special welding techniques.

For its part, Tesla shared no details about how it overcame the stainless steel manufacturing challenges of the Cyber Track truck, the most important of which is safety. The steel in most cars is designed to break in the event of a collision, absorb power and protect passengers.

But stainless steel does not break as easily, putting passengers at risk of greater impact force. The car’s absorption of the bulk of the collision power is a very important part of safety.

Add to this that stainless steel is harder to fix than conventional steel, and flat panels make any damage seem clearer compared to ordinary steel.

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