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The next electric Subaru won’t be out years ago

Subaru Electric Car

Subaru began talking about a new electric vehicle again while announcing a 9 percent drop in its annual production forecast for the year in a call with investors during the quarterly earnings session.

The Japanese automaker blamed the shortage of electronic chips and semiconductors, with the company expected to produce a total of approximately 880,000 cars by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31.

But what’s really interesting is Subaru’s medium-term plans, with the Japanese manufacturer hoping to surpass 1 million cars next year, and by 2025 the company expects to have several models in its electric vehicle lineup.

It should be noted that Subaru currently owns an electric car called Soltera developed in partnership with Toyota, and there are strong expectations that it will not be the last electric vehicle resulting from a collaboration between Subaru and Toyota.

Subaru Electric

Tomuaki Emory, Vice President of the Department of Institutional Planning, said on Wednesday: “Our main electricity strategy focuses on powerful hybrid cars and fully electric cars… by 2025 “.

Emory did not provide any details about Subaru’s next electric car, but it would be an excellent addition taking into account the existence of a single electric vehicle within the different categories of the company.

Subaru previously said it wants to reap up to 40 percent of its global sales of hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030, and apply electricity to all models early in 2030.

The company also revealed in its statement that it will begin producing electric vehicles on a mixed production line with internal combustion vehicles by 2025, and from 2027 it will begin producing electric vehicles from a dedicated line at its plant in Japan.

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