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Rivian Cars Will Get Reverse Charging Soon

Rivian cars – R1T and R1S – may soon get the reverse charging feature so you can charge other EVs or power home, just like smartphones currently do with the reverse charging feature like Galaxy S23.

Rivian R1T trucks and Rivian R1S SUVs are reported to have a vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-house two-way charging capability.

Rivian cars support reverse charging

These new charging modes will depend on the CCS charging standard and all Rivian cars will be able to reverse charge, even cars that have already reached customers.

The vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-house reverse charging feature has created one of the most buzz electric features in the electric vehicle market recently.

Ford was a pioneer of this technology, having previously seen a pick-up Ford F150 Lightning charging five other single-batch electric vehicles. Ford also already sells home charger devices that allow the F150 Lightning truck to power the house for days.

Furthermore, Ford has also developed a plan for some owners of its electric vehicles to power the home grid from the vehicle.

Rivian cars support reverse charging

Rivian, for its part, stated in a statement to the media: “Two-way charging is a feature that is not available in our cars at the moment, yet we know in some way that a number of our customers used their cars as a source of power during power outages because Rivian cars have 120 volts outlets. We shall keep you informed of any developments in this area “.

Rivian can be said to have indirectly confirmed the reverse cargo information in its vehicles via this statement.

In fact, electric cars are giant batteries on wheels, and although their use in charging vehicles or homes with power is not yet routine – the use of electric cars themselves is not common in many countries – it attracts more audiences every day.

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