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Porsche runs on a new electric SUV multi-use car

New electric SUV multi-use car

The long-standing German company Porsche is working on a new electric SUV different from any other vehicle previously launched by the company, with the German company’s CEO describing the new car as a “very mathematical interpretation of SUVs.”

Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom stated last year that the company would launch an all-electric SUV sports car called the Porsche K1 that beats both the known Cayenne and McCann models.

The company intends to build on its success with the Taycan Electric Sports Car after producing its 100,000 car last November.

Porsche is expected to release a new McCann electric car in 2024, an electric Porsche Boxster or two-seat Cayman sometime in 2025, and later an electric Cayenne will be launched in 2026.

But the new Porsche SUB electric car won’t resemble anything we’ve seen before, and apparently, it will be a whole new car from the German company.

The new Porsche electric SUV will reportedly feature three rows with seven seats and sophisticated off-road capabilities, and Porsche hopes that the new K1 will help it assume control and expand its position in the luxury automotive sector.

Porsche wants a piece of the market currently controlled by Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce, all of which have launched luxury SUVs with off-road capabilities.

Sources close to the German company revealed that its highly anticipated electric vehicle will get the latest simultaneous electric motors, with high-performance batteries, and support for fast charging technology.


However, no further details about the exterior design or power generation kit have yet been revealed, and all we know is that it will rely on the PPE platform from Porsche’s development in collaboration with Audi.

Also keep in mind that the new Porsche electric SUV will not go out at an affordable price, as it is expected to exceed USD 180 thousand according to analysts’ projections.

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