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Lucid Reveals Compact Electric Driving Unit For Formula E Racing

Lucid Motors has unveiled a new built-in electric driving unit that includes engine, inverter, differential and transmission to be used on the front axles in single-seat Formula E vehicles this year.

Lucid provides renewable energy when braking, acting as a generator and battery renewal.

According to the renowned electric car maker, the front driving unit is designed and engineered internally, capable of generating 469 horsepower with a maximum rotation speed of 19,500 rpm, and weighs only 32 kilograms.

Lucid Electric Command Unit benefits from the company’s own microjet cooling system.

Commenting on the new engine, Peter Rollinson, CEO and Technical Director of Lucid Motors Group, said:

“With a power density of 14.7 hp/kg and tremendous energy recovery, the driving unit will transform electric motorsport, following in the footsteps of our revolutionary battery package in past racing seasons.

For Lucid, the transfer of technology between motorsport and road cars is a two-way coexistence. The new command unit relies on the leading force generation technology developed internally by Lucid and proven effective on the road in all Lucid Air vehicles. “

It should be noted that Formula E front drive units are manufactured to strict specifications at Lucid headquarters in California, and then shipped to all teams involved in the popular electric motor sport series.

Lucid, who makes Lucid Air sedans, was the battery supplier for the 2022 Formula E Championship.

Formula E competition began in 2014 and currently consists of eleven teams with drivers for each team, all competing for makeshift rinks on the streets of cities around the world.

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