Ideas for a profitable small business that is affordable yet needs expertise

Sale of digital products on Picalica

If you are looking for successful small enterprise ideas without capital, but require technical skill. You can turn to the production and sale of digital products on the Picalica store. The product may be a WordPress template, site or application design, CV template, etc.

When putting a digital product up for sale, make sure it is usable first, upload it to the site and carefully write down its description and installation and usage steps, while carefully addressing the features, to increase your reliability for the customer and encourage him to buy your product for his business.

Sell photos online

If filming is a hobby you master, you can turn that into a small project idea to start with. Companies and website owners need to buy photo use rights to add, from here you can sell your photos online.

Before uploading your online photos, make sure their attractiveness and quality, a professional photo editor can help you improve the image’s appearance after taking it, so their colors become clearer. At the beginning, select the type of images you will take. Will it be nature-specific? Or field-specific images? Then upload your photos after editing them on the sites for selling images and visual effects.

Design Works

Design is a wide field, including several disciplines such as: logo design and visual identities, advertising design and brochures, infographic design, and many more. You can exploit your design skills by starting your own small project, such as ready-to-print designs on clothes, or labels. Or offer your design services on freelance platforms like freelancers, or even sell prefabricated designs on the Picalica store, there are many options ahead of you.

Audio Performance

Do you feel that you have a strong sound ring that is suitable for voice-over? Voiceover providers are increasingly in demand these days, especially as products such as audiobooks and recorded lectures have become popular and enable individuals to listen to them while performing other tasks, as well as companies’ need for voice commentators to market their products via video, for example. You can establish your own project in this field by subtracting your ability to voiceover companies.

Translation Services

The demand for translation services is increasing and significant, both by people who want to translate documents, books, etc., and even companies that need translation in their business, such as tourism and employment companies and press service providers. To start your little project in translation, you need to be proficient in at least two languages, so you can translate text efficiently. In time, you’ll probably be able to create your own translation company, with a selection of translators.

Design presentations

Do you have a skill in dealing with the Burpoint program? You can exploit this skill by employing it with a project to design presentations, both for individuals and companies. Companies use presentations to present their business to investors, customers, or the team. Mastering the skill of designing presentations is not difficult, you can master them by learning and practicing easily, to pave the way for yourself to invest thereafter.

Interior Design

Your expertise in interior design or your study of it can be a gateway to create your own interior design project, which does not require capital, your capital here is knowledge and skill. The demand for interior designers is increasing, not only by individuals, but also by companies to implement interior designs for their headquarters. Market yourself across different platforms, and make yourself a professional business exhibition that you can create via independent.

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