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Honda reveals details of a hydrogen fuel CRV

Honda reveals CRV car details

The Japanese company Honda recently provided some additional details about the next-generation hydrogen fuel cell CRV, and the upcoming crossover is expected to be part of the Japanese manufacturer’s move towards zero-carbon production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Honda’s revelation of the hydrogen-powered CRV came during a meeting focusing mainly on the future strategy around the functioning of the company’s fuel cells, where Honda reviewed the small crossover with the fuel cell pack and electric propulsion engine under the hood and over the front wheels, in what resembles the internal combustion compartment of a traditional Honda CRV.

A hydrogen tank appears below the rear seat, and another tank above the rear axle, both of which are good locations for safety considerations when a vehicle collides. The smart power unit also appears instead of the traditional CRV motor shaft, and the unit collects battery, electric inverter and controls in the transmission range.

Photos of some parts that Honda CRV may get hydrogen fuel


Honda did not specify the size of the battery in the hydrogen-fuelled CRV, but it is expected to be large enough to deliver in the external charger, which the Japanese company confirmed a few months ago.

This system allows vehicle owners to recharge overnight, driving long before the hydrogen fuel cell is operated reducing their reliance on the need for hydrogen fuel on the road, one of the main problems faced by owners of Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity.

Honda is expected to start manufacturing the new vehicle at a manufacturing center in Ohio, the same location where the NSX sports car was built and is currently out of production.

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Some analysts also believe that the Japanese company will start selling its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sometime in 2024.

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