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Haval Ora 2023 400km per charge Electric Car

Haval Ora 2023 400km

Haval Ora 2023 is a 400km electric car with a single electric charge, combining convenience and operation with safety with a 5-star rating in crash tests.

Ora represents a Chinese brand of electric passenger cars from Great Wall Motors, which was introduced in 2018. According to the Chinese automotive company GWM – the abbreviation of Great Wall Motors – Ora means “openness, reliability, and alternative.”

This Chinese car is entirely based on electric power and comes with 140 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque.

  • As mentioned at the outset, this small electric vehicle can travel up to 400 km per electric charge. The vehicle’s batteries can be charged from 15% to 80% in 42 minutes when using the fast charger. When using the home charger, it requires a ratio of charge of 5 hours and 24 minutes.

On the exterior side, Havel’s small fully electric car comes with smart LED headlights and there are straight rear LED lights, walks on 18-inch metal tires, and combines a Fiat 500-inspired design identity with rear touches inspired by Nissan Leaf.

The new interior of Haval 2023 comes with an integrated 17.25-inch display that includes; 7-inch screen counters, a 10.25 size touchscreen for entertainment, and an information system that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The cabin has an electronic speed conveyor disk, and comes in a unique interior cladding design that integrates two colors, has a wireless charger, an air conditioning system with a 2.5-capacity filter, a massage driver seat, and a seat preservation system with a driver welcome feature.

A new Aura has got help with smart driving and active safety systems, owns a brake control system when turning, owns 6 airbags; 2 in front, 2 sides, 2 on windows, plus Bosch 9.3 ESP electronic stabilization program.

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