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Ford-Red Bull collaboration to produce new electric car

Ford-Red Bull cooperation to produce an electric car

Ford and Red Bull are working on a new electric vehicle as part of the ongoing collaboration between the companies, according to a statement from Ford CEO Jane Farley.

This was in response to a journalist’s question to Ford’s boss about why his company was interested in Formula One, where Farley said.

I have been in a recent review with our most strategically important electric car, turning to the skunkworks team working to develop this car secretly and asking them: Who is developing the air dynamics on this car? They said they were Red Bull of Formula 1 ′ ′.

  • This statement was vague and raises a lot of questions, as the phrase “strategically important electric vehicle” could mean many things including a whole new model that might be unveiled in the future in collaboration with Red Bull.
  • 2026 is expected to see the start of the Ford-Red Bull collaboration to produce power kits, and the first electric engine of this 350 kW collaboration is expected to emerge and will be equipped with the ability to use environmentally friendly fuels.

Ford will provide its technical expertise in areas such as combustion engines, battery cells and electric motor technologies, to assist the Red Bull team in the development process.

Electric cars from Ford and Red Bull

Ford President’s statement comes as the company suspends the high-performance Ford F-150 Lightning truck, increasing speculation about the “strategic” electric vehicle being a new Ford truck.

But in any case – whether it’s an electric truck or an electric car – a vehicle with Red Bull air dynamics technologies means a vehicle that is more stable on sharp turns.

Will it be a racing car? Or a new all-electric sports car? So far there is not enough detail but 2023 will undoubtedly be busy.

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